Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Posting.. Finally!

HELLO... Hi, Howdy!

Here I am. What have I been doing?

Working, always working.
Here is my life in a blogshell

Work: Busy. I'm proving myself to be a valuable asset, getting things done ASAP and making things easier for the new boss. It's good, I love my job. I don't get paid for pooo... but I do love my job. I'll stick with it just so I can work somewhere I love.

Kids: Good.
Kara is strongly considering joining the military. I think she has finalized on the Army, though, she wants to get into the Air Force Academy. So, who knows what branch she will decide on.

Ashlyn is playing soccer. She has a bit of weight on her and so that is good for her to join a sport, get her off the computer all the time.

Joey is always doing some sport these days. He had also put on some weight, and since he played basketball (that season is over), he is now doing soccer with Ash (co-ed team with school) and when he comes home he plays basketball in the court for about an hour or so. He's losing tons of weight.

Faith is beautiful. She is too smart for her own good. She tends to be lazy when it comes to math however, she will get better with that.

Issa is good. She woke up at 5:30am when I got up... then she fell back asleep at Carols around 6:45ish. Then she woke up at 9:30 and didn't take a nap for the rest of the day. HA! Needless to say she is in bed asleep now. She needs her rest.

LaLa is sitting in the OLD bouncy seat next to me (I say OLD for a good reason, I'll fill ya in later :) ). She's just chillin.


Amber left and moved back in with her step mother, the woman is a demon witch, but she is trying hard to keep Amber on the straight and narrow. However, I think something I said to her has stuck, because she told Kara that she is going to join the military. (I told her it was a great place for a child who's home life is less than strong. In the military she is working and making her own money, not depending on anyone other than herself. She can get a home loan, insurance, everything one day.) I also told Kara that I'd fly to anywhere to see her graduate from boot camp.
So.. she is hopefully going to straighten up and finish school!
I worry about her all the time.


My Winnings for giveaways!

Ok... here is my HUGE list with pictures

Since my last update on what I have won:

A lovely Katie James Sexy Sleep mask From the Skimbaco blog giveaway!

The second thing I won is a WONDERFUL product called ErbaOrganics. I love this product so much I will be doing a seperate blog reviewing it! I won this at a Seven Dogs and a Baby Blog Giveaway. I was only sample packets, however... I'm sold!

I also won a CUTE baby blue cap to knit from Kiss my Style.

I am planning on making this for Gretchen's baby!!!

The next thing I got was from a Funky Finds March Giveaway. I won alot of stuff in this.

The first thing I got was a Lined Stationary Pad from Marmalade Ink. It can be totally personalized. I got it with Gretchens, soon to be born in July, son's name on it, and his sonogram picture. I also chose the guy playing the bass guitar because the daddy of the baby, her boyfriend was the bassist for a local band.

The next thing I won was three onesies/shirts from RudeChix.. AWESOME site for those of us who aren't always blues and pinks!

The third thing was a Natural canvas travel bag from Babysparewear.

THEN..... Mommies United let me know that I had won a few things from them.
Here are those things!

The Millionaire Club shirt
((The image doesn't want to work right now :()

I also got Cedar Valley Publishing one set of books, Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! & Let’s Get Ready For First Grade!

I also won a baby pouch from Rockin' Baby shop. I love these! They are sexy, chic, reversible, great for Mommy and Daddy, and I LOVE carrying my babies around when I'm out and about. I love lookin' good while doin' it too.

Phwewh.... I'm tired now.. But there is ONE more that I won today!!!


Success Through Play Magazine did a giveaway and I won the thing I REALLY wanted!

Nature's Purest™ Hug Me Collection Soothing Comfort Bouncer

It was a pretty good month!! I can't thank all of the blogs who facilitated this, nor the giveaway product owners enough. It brings me such joy to know that I can get some little things for my kids. It means alot!

Ok.. I'm going to bed... *huggles* to all!!

I'll write more tomorrow...


Crystal said...

DAMN GIRL!!!! You made out on all these giveaways! Good for you;o) I wish I had stuff like this when I had them little. Hope your having a good day, i'm trying to catch up on your posts!!

Rae said...

I'm new to your blog, not even sure how i found it. But i'm enjoying it. But how do you win all of these things? Beautiful family you have!! Enjoy all your things you're winning! They look great and i've clicked on many of the links about the items.

Joanna (Mof2) said...

Awesome stuff! I won a few things at Mommies United as well. Congrats to you for your wins.

Crystal said...

You better be having a GREAT weekend!! You hear me;o) I'm in and out today because of opening day for baseball. So far it's been an all day thing...I'm leaving again in 30 minutes to see a friends son's ball game, will's pictures taken after that and then take sam to a birthday party and then pick her up at 11pm....LONG DAY I TELL YOU!!!

Crystal said...

Just thought i'd come over here and check on you. You doing okay? The kids okay? You need anything you just let me know!!! I mean it;o)

Success Through Play said...

Congratulations! Enjoy the bouncer :-)