Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Save.... me....I'm in the middle of *that* week. Kids everywhere, arguing over who got woke up first by Faith. However, I can't complain too much, they are cooking breakfast... I got some good kids :)

And me with a tooth ache! I took some vicodin last night though, that was good for my sleep and my sanity. I am going to the dentist at noon to get it checked out!

OH, and I got a new bed.. OMG.. I'm so happy! Comfy, warm, MINE! No past relationship drama in it, it's a clean slate for me. I haven't had a new bed in 6 years, it was time for me to start over!
I also have very little things under my bed, it's helpful for the energy to flow around my bed (Feng Shui rules :) )

Ok.. run down on the kids.

Kara is sick. Yep.. she's like Crystal's girl... got sick on the first few days of spring break. 101.5 fever last night, she felt like she was on fire. I was driving across town at midnight to pick up a thermometer ( I dropped the digital one in the sink), Yep, it was a long night .

Ashlyn is making potatoes. Apparently she's pretty good at the stove. So this morning, she's cooking some spiced potatoes to eat with breakfast.

Joey has grown to be an amazing big brother. He runs around with them, rough houses with them, he's just great. I took some cute pictures of them today.

Faith is beautiful. I just stare at her sometimes and wonder where she got her smarts, and her AMAZING hair, it's so thick. So I guess her dad and her went and got her hair cut (I was pissed at first) It was down to her butt. But they donated it to Locks for Love, so I can't complain!

Issa is in love with Faith. She hasn't let her out of her sight all day! It's pretty cute. She's learning to talk more and more each day, I love watching her grow.

La-La, she is finally starting to grow out of newborn clothes probably in about 2 weeks when she's 3 months old, she will actually fit in 0-3 month clothes. At this age Issa was growing out of 3 month clothes, but La La is starting out very petite. That is ok though! It's nice to have my little one stay a little one.

Ok.. Off to help my kids with breakfast. I'm starved, I can only eat the eggs because of my teeth but, it's better than nothing :)


Lynda said...

Great job on the new bed - it's amazing how my energy those things can soak up. It's really going to work well too if you clear up that clutter, but it's hard when you're a busy as you seem to be!

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Crystal said...

Oh girl, I hope Kara gets over that mess in a hurry. But, I have to say, I LOVED taking care of Samantha when she was sick. She actually NEEDED and WANTED me around her! Yep, I just had a moment;o) GET TO FEELING BETTER KARA!!!;o)

A new bed, eh??? I like what you said about the energy flowing around the bed. I don't have anything under mine!

Do you realise how caring, loving and affectionate your boy is going to be when he grows up?! Any woman lucky enough to snag that young man is going to be VERY loved;)

You got some good kids girl! You get to feeling better too. Going to the dentist is NEVER fun. Hope all goes well!!!

Joanna (Mof2) said...

I loved that Kelsie is petite, because she was the same way...She was never in her size clothing that fit with her age, she was always smaller. It's great now too, she will be 3 the end of the summer and is just now in 2T shirts and can't even fit 2T pants, they are too big around the waist and a tad too long! B'fast...sounds great...Can't wait for my oldest to be old enough to do that...But then it comes to mind that she probably wouldn't! A new bed, we have been needing one of those for a loooong time! It's the same one that I had like 13 years ago! Yikes!! I know!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I have goodies added every week and this week is clothes for the little ones.

Crystal said...

Just checking on you! How did the dentist appt go? I hope all is well, i'll be back later to see;o)

Ken Lauher said...

Congrats on the new bed. Also good Feng Shui if you keep the area under the bed clean and clear to let the chi circulate.