Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Love Sac Contest- Worst Furniture

Ok.. My worst piece of furniture was this couch. It was old.. I mean ancient old when we got it.
Horrible 70's upholstry with orange, yellows and browns, wood outline.. it was HORRIBLY nasty.

And the worst part was everyone slept on it (we used to be the "party" house). Anyone who slept on it though, would end up rolling into the crease between the back of the pillows and the bottom of the top cushions (You know, where your butt ends up, and all of your change falls in.)

This couch was so worn people used to sleep and accidently roll into it. One of my friends woke up with 1/2 of his head, one arm and one leg exposed, and that was it, the couch had eaten the rest of his body. Needless to say he FREAKED out and we grossed out for days.

The couch has thankfully been gone for many years, and now... we have nicer furniture. HOWEVER, I have wanted a Love Sac for years... I mean it.. they are comfy, and I'd switch out my bed for it (on weekends at least).

So.. I have to go and try to win this. If any of you want to try and win it as well. (I'll tackle you and steal it, but go ahead and try.) Go here to PingandWin.

Good luck!!
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