Friday, December 3, 2010

My Mommy....

My mother could not have a baby without help.

She has felt her child kick and felt the joy of carrying her own child, But none of those children would be born.

She miscarried one after the other for five years and finally stepped back and made a decision many people could not make.

She wanted to adopt.

She adopted a young baby boy first, blue eyes and dark hair with a mother that gave up her child out of love.

She adopted a second child that had been abandoned and abused, a daughter that was already 2.5 years old when she brought her home.

Then she adopted another baby girl that screamed with colic for months before finally growing out of that stage. (Though sometimes I think my little sister is still colicky :) )

My mother and baby sister, Kristin

She raised all of us with the love of a a mother, despite our outbursts, fear, abandonment issues and hurtful words. She nurtured me as her second adopted (though oldest child) even when I was scared of the dark and terrified of being left alone.
My mother is salt of the earth, raising three kids like us, married to a man as strong as my father and never getting lost behind him. She taught us how to be elegant, thoughtful, respectful and to speak up for those that might not have a voice loud enough to.

My mother and father visited for Thanksgiving and I am seeing them through the eyes of a grown daughter. My mother is forgetting things more often and moving slower, I can see her trying to take care of herself and my father at the same time, the whole time I want to reach out and grab her arm to help her. There is nothing I can do to to stop time, but armed with my camera and my memory... I can capture it before it's too late.


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Pat said...

I'm having trouble typing this on account of the tears in my eyes. Tears of joy, for you my friend, that one as loving and kind and caring as your mom rescued and adopted you. And tears of gratitude: for the special angel that your mom is, and for your awesome skills with both camera and written word. So much I never knew about you, and here you are sharing it so generously with us. Thank you!