Friday, April 15, 2016

The Jungle Book - In Theatres April 15, 2016

Mesmerize, Enthrall, Spellbind, Entrance

These are words I'd use to describe this movie! I spent the first hour of this movie on the edge of my seat staring at the screen in awe. The cinematography is outstanding.

Even as an adult who has seen The Jungle Book since I was a young girl, this movie captivated me at every turn. Key things about the movie:

* No bloodshed. Yes, there is blood, but it is NOT gruesome.
*Death is swift and not drawn out with unnecessary sounds or gore.
*The story is rich, as rich as it was when we saw it in animated form years ago.
*I would not suggest this movie for kids under the age of 7. It can be a tad startling. It is rated at PG-13

The soundtrack is mesmerizing and the cinematography is unmatched for Disney movies. Take your kids out and make sure you see this movie as soon as you can. We will be purchasing it when it comes out on Blueray for sure!

Movie comes out today!

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