Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BugaBoo - Butterfly Pavilion

It’s been a long time since I have taken my kids to the Butterfly Pavilion, so when I got the chance to go with my girls this past Halloween to the BugaBoo event, I was excited to take them and let them see the pavilion with older eyes.

They loved every bit of it. My girls are not squirmy type kids; they love bugs, snakes and anything with more legs than they have. Which is good, because the Butterfly Pavilion has it all, even a lovely little tarantula named, Rosie, she is the biggest spectacular of the Pavilion. Kids get to sit and hold her in their hands, yes; she’s really truly alive and well.

The BugaBoo is a huge event that runs one weekend in the month of October. It has staff located all over the place asking questions and giving out candy, teaching different aspects about bugs and helping kids learn through touch and sight. Bring your kids in costume and participate in the costume parade, watch some cockroach races and decorate a few pumpkins. It’s a day of fun for everyone and worth the crowds.

I have a few tips if you do get out to BugaBoo:

·         *  Parking is tight, if you have a truck you will be able to park in the grass, otherwise you will have to park across the street.

      * Older kids might not enjoy this as much as younger kid’s do. I think my 6-7 year old were some of the oldest kids at the event.

* Take lots of photos and enjoy the event with your kids. Dress up and participate in the parade, the kids will love it!

If you are looking for more information about BugaBoo at the Butterfly Pavilion you can check it out here at their website.

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