Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Half a lifetime ago

Dear Me…

    Right now I am double your age. I have taken baby steps into my 40’s and you are doing the same into your 20’s. Two kids and one on the way it’s looking like a very busy life is coming up.

My advice…


I promise you it is an interesting life that lies ahead and worth every single step, even the ones on broken cobblestone. You will move back and forth to Texas and Colorado, spend a year in Austin, meet some amazing people and end up putting down roots in Colorado. It is truly where your soul belongs, I promise.
You will not stop your adventures. Start your bucket list now… it’s going to get done. (No, you haven’t backpacked through Europe yet, but that is still an option). You will travel, you will still get butterflies when you see the mountains and from your back porch, you see them often.

Your black thumb starts to turn green…. I’ve eaten some delightful tomatoes that you have grown. So have the bunnies.

I am not going to tell you how many kids you have, you won’t believe me. I am not going to tell you about the man you meet that is finally exactly what you wanted. You didn’t settle, he’s coming… just like you thought he was.

I will tell you that you will lose a sibling, that loss right there will change you and your family in ways that no one will speak aloud.  You will learn to adapt your stubborn head and alter your selfish nature. You will learn to love each child in a different way and when you are done having kids, you will know it.

Enjoy the time. When you are double your age you’ll look back and say, “It was a fun ride and it only gets better from here.”

Love you.

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