Monday, January 27, 2014

Traveling the United States - Resolution 2014

My husband and I were talking last night about how we hope our kids travel. Not because we want them to leave Colorado, but because we want them to see the world. However, some kids aren't built that way. They don't like to be around places that are unfamiliar, they have anxiety getting out of their comfort zone, so we decided, perhaps they should just travel the United States.

It's an amazing place to live, so why not an amazing place to visit?

I am constantly seeing "$49 flights to selected locations - limited time offer". I ALWAYS look, however I never purchase a ticket. Baltimore, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta.... all places I'd love to visit and experience. I'd love to research different places in those cities, plan out a trip and experience the US.

So we decided 1-2 times a year, we will take a trip, one out of state and out in state. (We live in Colorado and haven't come close to seeing it all!), $1000 for a trip out of the state, that should pay for flight, hotel, car rental and eating out. That should be do-able right? Not spend too much money and go overboard, but take a trip that we can remember, start a map that has all the locations we have been to. Memories.

That is where the CGM readers come in.

Where would you go? $1000 and a Saturday, Sunday, Monday trip somewhere else. Not to see family or visit friends, but to experience the country, get out of your comfort zone. Eat at restaurants on Diner, Drive ins and Dives, drink signature cocktails and view the skyline of a city you have never been to.

Do you think that $1000 is a viable budget, how do you keep costs down when you travel? When was the last time you went on a trip with only your significant other?

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Dari said...

Hmm, I LOVE New Orleans, San Diego and New York City. I'd like to see San Antonio and visit Miami again, as well as, San Francisco and Seattle.

$1000 for a weekend? Yes, definitely assuming you get air fare for $200 or less per person. I use the option for hotels and get HUGE discounts on hotels. You know general vicinity but not specific hotel until after you book - but just stayed in a Marriott for $47/night via this site.