Thursday, October 17, 2013

Searching for the tooth fairy - Love Words Wednesday

My daughter is 70 days from her 7th birthday.

She is tall, lanky, dark haired and has more energy than all of my other children combined. When she wants something, she strives for it. My little Jacqueline is a motivated young lady and very competitive with everything.

However, the one thing she can't seem to find, the thing she desperately searches for, is the one little lady she will never get her hands on.

The tooth fairy.

See, Jacqueline hasn't lost a single tooth.
Not one.

She has two slightly wiggly teeth on the bottom of her mouth, but even they have dug their roots in and are refusing to budge.

I know one day soon she will be looking up at me with tears in her eyes as the pain from her tooth makes it so she won't eat anything hard. One day she will cry when there is blood on the tissue as she tries to take the poor tooth out by herself, (refusing the assistance from myself or her dad).

However, until then, I will thank the powers that be, for allowing my toothy grinned little girl another day to remain just that..

... my little girl.

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