Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lovable Labels is turning 10 years old!!

The party starts today, I didn't even send a gift!

Thankfully Loveable labels isn't looking for us to give them anything, they are giving us amazing 50% off on the most popular products until the 19th of October. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter so you don't miss a thing! Sign up

This is their gift tree!! It changes everyday, click on it to find out what it looks like today!

Do you label? Do you want to label? Does there need to be a labeling intervention?  You can NEVER label too much!!

So, this past year I got some of these cute labels.

See, I plan on putting them on my girls Halloween treats they are giving their friends so I don't have to write their name on every single gift. The girls can stick them on and gifts are done quickly.

It is getting colder outside, so that means, gloves, hats, scarfs, etc are going to school, falling out of backpacks and coat pockets and landing in the hall or outside. Alone, for someone to pick up and have NO idea whom the glove belongs to.

Put a sticker on it!

Get the article of clothing home before you are forced to run out and buy another pair!

(This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own)

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