Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Every Elf needs a wardrobe, Elf Outfitters is the answer - 10$ Gift Certificate Giveaway

Our elf, Ornament, showed up at our house last year. He wandered through our neighborhood until he found the PERFECT house with three young kids that needed some magic in their lives.

When he showed up, he became JUST as mischievous as the rest of us. So, when I found out about this amazing place called, I was thrilled! Now, our little Ornament can pick out a new outfit when he's feeling like he needs a change.

Here is the story about this brilliant new company:

About Elf
My family LOVES our Elf, Cookie. Every year my children anxiously await his arrival. Cookie is a crafty and busy little elf that likes to help fix stuff around the house, leaves games and notes for the kids and is always getting into... something.
Last year I wanted to kick my Elf'n up a notch and I asked my friend KC (from The Diaper Bag Wrangler) to make some clothes for Cookie. She wasn't sure if my request (or, I) was insane or brilliant. Thankfully she went with brilliant and our new joint venture, Elf Outfitters was born!

Elf Outfitters - Elf Outfitters is your one stop shop for creative and inspired accessories for your Family Elf. Here you will find dress-up kits to create unique and exciting Elf displays.
Elf was launched (an online store) on December 1, 2012 and the following Creative Kits are available:
Elf also offers FREE Printables 
  • Scavenger hunt
  • How to restore your Elfs powers {in case of a fall}
  • Treasure hunt cards 
  • Superhero mask for your child)
Coming in the fall of 2013... new outfits, holiday and birthday postcards (Halloween Elf in costume, Valentine's Day and an I am on my way postcard to give to your child(ren) a few days before Your Family Elf arrives for the Holidays. 

So, I will be holding a giveaway for until August 9, 2013 at midnight.


10$ gift certificate for

How to enter, just a simple answer is required in the comments to this question:

What is the name of your elf?  (Or what would you name your elf if s/he showed up at your house this year?)

I will chose a winner at random on August 11, 2013


Kelly Moran said...

Our Elf's name is Kandy Kane!


Cheshire Cat said...

I don't have one yet, but were getting one this year. I'll let my son name it when he arrives!

Dawnn said...

Our elves are Pepper & Jingles!

anewdawnn(at) gmail(dot)com

Lisa P. said...

We don't have one yet but I plan to get one for my grandson and name him Willy.