Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kidecals - 15% off for Mom's sanity

I am positive that when I buy gloves every winter, they come in a pack of two.

I am positive that my Type A personality buys matching hats to those gloves, how do I know? Because they have matching leg warmers also.

So how is it that when it's time to go sledding, I can only find one purple glove, one pink with swirls and a brown hat?

(The leg warmers always match, because my girls haven't figured out how to lose those yet)

So, this is why I need Kidecals, It's obvious kidecals is founded by a mother of two boys, because not only are kidecals designs amazingly cute er - "cool" for boys, they are super duper durable for all the stuff I need to label for school.

Personalized Kids Name Labels:
Kidecals are an absolute must if you've got kids and hate losing their stuff. Label water bottles, clothing, books, toys, sports gear with their trendy and fun designs. kidecals are crazy durable...dishwasher, washing machine AND dryer safe, and they don't damage surfaces. Love it.

 My Readers Save 15% off Kidecals the most durable waterproof labels on the market use promo code: bestlabels at So hurry over and save yourself some sanity!!

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Shoot ... I'm not a kid and I could use them for my Water Bottles that I carry to Water Aerobics. I have lost far too many of them! =)

Jaime said...

I could definitely use these! Thanks for the post!

The Mommy-Files said...

I've never heard of this company before. Sounds like something we could definitely use! Thanks so much for sharing!

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

I love adorable kid labels!

Anne Younger said...

I am just discovering these labels and am going to have to give them a try now. Thanks for the info!