Friday, April 26, 2013

Anything can happen

We still have snow in shady spots on our front lawn, we are in the last week of April and the snow still remains. Next week we are looking at another storm coming in, there is still a chance for snow.

It has reminded me that anything can happen.

I had three older children and went 6 years with just them, before I had another and a few years after that, another two.

Anything can happen.

I was a single mom with six kids and put dating on hold until I could get my head on straight again. Someone told me, “No one is going to want to get into a relationship with a single mom with that many kids.” I met a man 6 months later that is now my husband.

Anything can happen.

I spoke to my mother the other day and asked her how she was doing; she said she was going to have to “Find her new normal.” Within minutes my parents went from three kids to two and now, she’s searching for her way to find her “New Normal”.

Anything can happen.

In about two weeks, my sister is going to have her first and only child. She will change from being a single, married professional, to being a married, professional with a child. Her whole world is going to be dumped upside down; she will also be searching for her “New Normal”.

Anything can happen.

In three months Dave and I will be “part time” parents. The older kids will all be moved out and/or in college, while the younger kids will spend half their time at the other parent’s house. Our lives will change dramatically and the five years we’ve been together will now have a “New Normal”.

Just a reminder that no matter what, no matter how it looks when you wake up; anything can happen.

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