Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shutterfly Christmas Cards Review

Things I love for the holidays:

*Looking at Christmas Lights
*Hot cocoa
*Christmas Tree Hunting
*New book of stamps for my Christmas Cards
*Filling up the outgoing mail box at work with colorful envelops as they head out around the country to family/friends.

I’m very excited for this year to work with Shutterfly on my holiday cards. I find that throughout the year I work on my photos, catch the kids in those perfect moments and say, “THAT is for the holiday card”.
With 7 kids I find it to be important that my family in Texas and New York get to see how they are growing up. What they are doing and I love getting cards back from my friends. It’s special to get to share in their lives.

In 2010 I chose this card from Shutterfly. It worked well and allowed me to have many photos for my family. In fact, I have a copy of this that hang up every holiday (this one and 2009’s) for everyone to see how much they’ve changed. It’ll be 4 years of Dave and I being together and 4 years of Holiday cards for us to look at see what we’ve changed.

Want me to show you an idea I have for this year?

I can’t.

Sorry...  I’d love to, if I was more decisive. But right now, I’m at a loss. See, every year I used to struggle with finding a card that had enough photo slots on it. This year, there are over 4 pages of cards with 4+ photo options. I’m one happy camper, but now, I have to choose which one I want, and it’s a tough one.

But I promise which ever one I get will look great coming out of an envelope during the holiday season and on the wall for us to look back at for years to come, because Shutterfly doesn't do anything that looks shabby.

So, go now and get an idea of what you are planning, they also have some wonderful SpecialOffers

(I was compensated for this post however I always have my own opinion and state it freely. None of these words were supplied by Shutterfly or anyone other than me)

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