Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4 Years, but who's counting?

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Suzanne. She was an OLD girl… around 35 year’s old, but in her head, she’s still a girl. She’d had an interesting path along the way, full of 6 children, trips to other parts of the world, adventures that she was lucky to have, but she lacked one thing, the other half of her heart.

At the same time, there was a boy named Dave. He was OLD… just old. (Hehehe… he can’t hit me, I’m at work). He was 36 years old and was about 6 months out of a divorce. He also had adventures, a child and done things he loved to talk about and tell stories about. But he lacked the one thing he KNEW didn’t exist. “The One”.

They ended up on a dating site that they heard about in different ways. They perused, responded to emails and made silly profiles. Suzanne had rules for dating… MUST have a kid, MUST have a job, MUST not have a dog in their profile picture (she’s a weird one about animals). MUST live near by and MUST be funny. Dave had rules, must be a girl and can’t bench press him. He wasn’t as picky.

She wrote him an introductory email and went to bed.

He was on a date with someone else, when he got home, he wrote Suzanne back.

They started talking through email, then through texts, then over the phone.

She was busy… she had set up things to do with her friends all week, so she couldn’t meet him for 7 days.

He had a date before they would meet up again, he canceled the date with the other person because, “something was different”.

They met…. They dated… They actually liked each other (Like LIFE cereal… “Hey Mikey, he likes it”).

They got married Sept 8, 2012…. They met Sept 26, 2008.

Happy 4 years of knowing you baby!

I Love you!

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