Monday, October 3, 2011

Twitter Party and The Organized Cook

A football player, a Japanese student and a set of preschoolers all walk into the kitchen...

No, this is not a joke, it's my life.

Throw in a mini-hockey player, a 40 year old baseball player and me then suddenly you get the gist of my life. It's chaos, and the hardest thing for me to come up with these days is dinner.

How do I feed my family without compromising their "likes" and "wants" as well as my obsessive need to include veggies, meat, bread and dairy into every meal. Yea... sounds like a challenge, I think this time of year even *I* get bored of my menu choices.

Dave built the family this HUGE 10 person table last year so that we could all sit at it and eat together at least twice a week. Why go through all the trouble? Because we learn a ton while eating with our kids. We learn that my Japanese students wants to open a pastry shop, that the mini hocky player chews with his mouth open and the football player will eat EVERYTHING left on the table once we are all done.

We learn about our kids, and they learn about us, and in the winter when steaming bowls of soup are in front of them with a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches, a calm seems to come over the house for a few seconds while they are shoveling food into their mouth. It's important, even if it only lasts half an hour.

So, whether you have a family of two or a family of 10, we all can use a little help, so please join me and a few of my friends while we talk to "The Organized Cook":

•Date/Time: October 6, 2011 10-11 PM EST, 9-10 PM CST, 8-9 PM MST, 7-8 PM PST

•Hashtag: #mealplanning

•Tweet Grid: TBA

•Hosted by: @OrganizedCook, @tonispilsbury, @chaotic_barb,

•Panelists: @timeoutmom, @parkermama, @birdbanter, @mominmanagement, @crunchygreenmom

Prizes? Who asked for prizes? Well.. you are in luck, you will have the opportunity to win:

•1 winner will receive a free week’s worth of family dinner groceries with a $100 Visa GiftCard

•3 winners will receive a signed copy of Toni’s new book: The Organized Cook™ Cookbook- 12 of her most popular Weekly Meal Plans with menus, grocery shopping lists, and easy to follow instructions.

•3 winners will receive a YEAR LONG subscription to Weekly Meal Plan System from The Organized Cook™-Feed your family a balanced, tasty meal each night whileslashing your dinner grocery bill by up to 50%
But remember, to win you must do the following:
2.Tweet during the party time using the #mealplanning hashtag
3.Follow @OrganizedCook on Twitter

See ya'll there!

~I was compensated for this post with sanity, new dinner ideas, funny stories... oh, and a touch of monetary means.  Gotta feed 7 kids right? All these opinions are mine and if you know me, I take my food VERY seriously :) ~

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