Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day with B. toys

I love toys.

Yes, I am a kid at heart and I love sitting in the middle of the floor and playing with my kids when they get new toys, it’s a great way to show them all the different things they can do… beyond throwing them at one another.

I am also a mom and as a mom I want to make sure that the trees we walk under outside and the stream behind our house stay clean and green like I see in the springtime. I don’t want them clogged up with paper, toys and/or anything that might take away from the beauty that my kids grow up with.

I got some wonderful toys from a company called B. toys and they have done everything right!

Their Motto: Just B. Just you. B. you.

They create toys with creativity, individuality and a child’s mind. Nothing that takes mathematical precision or a master’s degree for the parents to figure out, just eco-friendly packaging and fun inside!

Use recycled materials.

Package toys in bags you’ll love to reuse.

Design boxes to become pretty trays to hold tiny treasures.

Even make some packages reversible to become gift wrap.

Their inks are soy-based and varnishes water-based.

Every single bit of clear plastic is recyclable and marked #1, the most widely recycled plastic available. (Bet your town takes it.)

What can I say? I’m sold by the exterior… but what about the toys inside? Are they loved by kids of all ages? Will they win in a household of 7 kids and two adults who hunker down on the floor and play with blocks, tea parties and dolls?

Yes, yes and yes!!

My girls got their own “Alphaberry” a wonderful spin on my own addiction and this toy teaches them something, not just how to check messages and chat with their best friend. They learn the alphabet, dance around to songs and fits perfect in the hand of my toddlers just like mine does.

Then there is the “Pop-Arty”, snap together jewelry with 500 pieces including 12 rings, and 6 bracelets. They can be done and undone for any type of tea party or rainy days when other toys have lost their luster. It is also the winner of the Disney 2010 FamilyFun Toy of the year!

You can get these toys at Target and specialty toys. Every B.toy you buy gives 10 cents to Free The Children. What a great way to help out another child as you are giving your own loved one a smile in a box!

Make sure you check out their website, it’s innovative and has some really cool things I’ve never seen on another website, like spinning photos to see all the angles and so colorful you won’t want to leave!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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