Monday, April 11, 2011

Cooking Show Favorites

I love cooking shows.

I can lie in my bed and dream of up new ways, and ideas just by catching an episode of "Everyday Italian" or "Rachel Ray's Week in a Day".

Like, this weekend I caught an episode of "Everyday Italian" where chef Giada De Laurentiis made some polenta appetizers topped with pesto chicken and some cranberries. I was in love! I've never been brave enough to try polenta but with the ease she portrayed it, I promise my darling friends that the next gathering at my house will have these at it, just to give us something new to taste!

I'm always getting tons of ideas from these shows, and with satellite cable I'm able to get the Cooking Channel and Food Network, so I don't miss anything that might be a feast for my eyes. Oh, and something my family might fall in love with, that is a win-win for me.

Now if I could just get them to get me a Nutella channel, I would be a happy girl! I bet I can post something on the Infinity Dish Facebook page and tell them I'd be a PERFECT canidate!

What is your favorite cooking show to watch?

~This is a sponsored post, the opinion is all mine~

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