Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning time!

It’s Springtime!!

I am usually a fall/winter kind of girl. Growing up in Texas I loved it when Fall would come and take the heat of the summer away. But now that I’m a Colorado girl I love the move from cold, icy weather into the springtime fun.

The other thing I love, Spring cleaning. I get to sort through winter clothes and put away the hand me downs and pull out the cute summer dresses and adorable sweaters that have been too thin for the winter months.

I also get to clean. To most people that’s not a lot of fun but for me it’s nice to have a REALLY clean house, which means dusting the LCD TV stands, scrubbing under the couches, the “junk drawer” (What is with this thing?) and that closet by the front door which is a catch all for everything when we have guests.

I have a schedule so I can stay organized and not get too distracted by other things. This weekend looks like this:

• Sort through girls clothing. Put away winter clothing, consign clothes that are too small and give other items to friends.

• Disinfect, move, vacuum, clean and organize the girls room.

• Wash the windows, all the wall hangings and install new education tools for them to learn with.

Once the room is fully done I can work on the rest of the house, but since this is the room that occupies most of my mind when it comes to clutter it’s the first one I’ll hit. There is a huge feeling of accomplishment in completing things one room/project at a time; it’ll give you the momentum to do more.

What is your favorite part of spring? Do you have a schedule set up for the spring cleaning bug?

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