Sunday, March 6, 2011

Denver Restaurant Week - SkyBox Grill and Sports Bar

I am a HUGE fan of Denver Restaurant week. I do it every year and have yet to find a year where the memories weren't amazing.

This year was no exception. Dave and I headed to the Skybox Grill which is a new restaurant over looking the Denver cityscape. It is breathtaking to say the least.

We seated ourselves in a fairly quiet restaurant around 7pm, not many people were there so the atmosphere remained casual, comfortable yet a touch of class was evident in the decor and with full surround windows, you don't really need much art work on the walls.

Dave ordered his usual and I got myself a Chocolate cake martini. Yes... that image you have in your head and the mouth watering feeling you just got... go with it.. it's all real. The drink was perfect and I'm certain with some sugary chocolate on the rim the drink will be stellar.

We talked, drank, ate some amazing food and let me suggest the coconut shrimp appetizer, it is seriously my newest craving, I have NEVER tasted coconut shrimp so much like what I'd imagine the Caribbean would be. It's off the charts in my opinion.

Three hours later we went down the 14 floors to the ground level of the hotel to get to the truck, sated, happy and I know when my sister gets here in May... we are going to take her to this one of a kind restaurant, Colorado is all about the views and sometimes those views are just as amazing in the dark as in the day!

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