Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day - My Way - Giveaway

I love holidays. Any of them that allow me to decorate, come up with fun ideas and share them with my family is a HUGE bonus. I'll be the Grandma that spoils my grand kids every holiday with boxes of treats and visits to bake and decorate.

When I was a single Mom I remember the tightness in my heart knowing that Valentine's Day was coming. At the time had a month old daughter with 5 other children that were looking to me, and they had no idea my heart was in turmoil.

What would I teach them if I gave up and didn't try?
Would I teach them that love only matters if you have a significant other?

So I started coming up with gifts and candy to give to my kids before they went to school. I made a treat for my friends that had a note and chocolate as a way to show them they were appreciated by me.

Now that I am a proud Mommy with a blended family and engaged to a wonderful man, I am thankful that I learned such a valuable lesson during my single days. I learned that NO ONE was going to work at making my Valentine's Day memorable... it is all up to me.

Since then I've made baby shower invitations, graduation announcements and will be making Valentine's Day cards for my four year old in her first year of preschool, I've fallen in love with love My Way... and know that my children are blessed to learn that lesson from me without knowing it.

  • How do you plan on teaching your children what love is?
  • Do you celebrate Valentine's day?
  • Do you give your kids treats or just your significant other?

Answer one of these questions by Feb. 6, 2011 (my son's 16th birthday) and I'll randomly choose a winner from one of my lucky readers who will win a promo code for 25 free Valentine’s cards on Shutterfly's website.

(I was offered a code for my own personal promo code through Shutterfly for compensation, if you have not used their product, you should try them out! I love the quality and it would be a wonderful treat for family!)

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