Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The memories

Make new friends
but keep the old,

one is silver
the other's gold.

I remember sitting next to a roaring fire under a dark Texas night sky.
Our voices raised up into the darkness like the sparks from the flames.

Photo by: Steven Ford

Oh running Bear, loved little White Dove
with a love, as big as the sky

Oh running Bear, loved little White Dove

with a love, that wouldn't die

It taught us things we never knew we'd learn
Summer camp was it's own school.
We created friendships, stared up at the stars
helped each other with things that they weren't good at
and then someone would help us when we struggled

We cried, laughed, sang, screamed,
learned to swim, ride horses, tie a safe knot,
make a fire and then cook over it.

T'was just a little bit of luck that I was born a baby duck with yellow socks and yellow shoes that I may go wherever I choose Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack

Do you remember any of these songs?
Did you go to camp during the summers?
Do you remember when....?

(Thank you to the memories of all the girls I shared summers with at Stevens Ranch in Nemo, Texas. Approx (1980-1990) )


Eternally Curious said...

Little Running Bear - OMG! - I haven't heard or thought of that song in decades - then it is brought to me two nights in a row! How gloriously weird and wonderful is that? Thanks for the memory!

Real Life Sarah said...

The girl scout friends song!!! I still love that song!