Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - 1/20/11

I love sharp contrasts, tan skin against light sheets, black and white in a bathroom and the color red splashed every where. I love the idea of red being somewhere in a wedding, it shakes things up a little and allows everyone to remember NOT to take things too seriously.

I got my beloved Etsy: Weddings email yesterday and found some amazing ideas for Valentine’s weddings and even something that folks might find at my wedding for favors. It’s like a sneak peak right? (Click on the photos to go to the Etsy artist that created them for cost, etc)

I love heels, I love to show off my legs in a set of heels that turn heads. For Valentine’s I’d love to go out on the town in a satin shirt, my skinny girl jeans and these sexy heels!

How about some adorable bird seed favors! Decorate someone’s yard with birds of a feather!

Oh… and this to DIE FOR cake topper! It’s artsy, original and relaxed. It’s a wedding, we all want relaxed.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE those shoes!! So cute!