Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank goodness we are all different

I fully believe that we are all our worst enemy.

I can cut myself down in front of a mirror faster than any other person. However the second person that can pull me into a funk, when I allow it, is another woman.

I am not sure if we as women realize the damage we do to one another.

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* A look as a girl walks, then we whisper behind our hand, "What is *she* wearing?"
* The raise of a brow when a fellow mother is having issues with their child in the middle of the store
* Comments like, "I don't understand why mother's are so happy for their kids to go back to school, I am heartbroken when my child is away from me."

Today in one of my favorite social media mom's groups a woman put this up and for some reason it got under my skin. It took me most of the day to figure out why, because most of the time I just let them roll off my back.

I finally figured it out.

It has nothing to do with a mother wanting to be "away" from their kids, it's because a mother wants the routine, the schedule to return back to normal. When the holidays are here many of us are thrilled to have those early morning snuggles with our little ones, the french toast, bacon and coffee in front of a frosted window. The Norman Rockwell moments with our families.

When those times wind down and the "real" world slaps us in the face, we need some kind of normal. Our decorations are put away, the house is swept up from pine needles and scented wreaths, there are no little figurines that dance and play holiday music, our life returns to some sort of normal rhythm. It's a welcome blessing for many of us.

I don't know a single mother that wants her children to "go away" to school because she doesn"t love them, nor am I against a mother that wants to be around her children fulltime so she homeschools them and has those Norman Rockwell moments all year long.

I am hopeful that all of those women, mothers, the ones that love their children and themselves can find solace in their groups and within society because we are ALL doing the best we can.

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Eternally Curious said...

Very well said! We are indeed all doing the best we know how, at any given moment. Judging and jumping to conclusions nerver serves anyone well.