Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birthday Girl and WallCandy Art's newest arrival!

My little girl turned 4 years old on Christmas Day!

Every year we do a Birthday Tree for her and build up the anticipation by wrapping gifts (in pink paper) and putting them under her tree just like we do for all the Christmas gifts. One of the coolest items she received this year was from WallCandy Arts. They sent us a colossal cupcake chalkboard.

New from WallCandy Arts, this product includes: 1 cupcake (32”x24”), 1 cherry (10.5”) 24 sprinkles, 22 stars and 1 candle (18”).

I can’t begin to tell you how cool she thought it was at it stuck to her wall and that the pieces can be drawn on, moved around and cleaned off.

I was so excited to get this on her wall I did some moving around and then got it up there in time for her to enjoy scribbling on after the hoopla of the day was finally over.

The WallCandy Arts Colossal Cupcake Chalkboard can be purchased at their online storel for 46$, it even comes with chalk!

There is another year of birthdays and celebrations coming up, how about a Valentine’s message for your little one that can be drawn on again and again? Pour on the oversized sprinkles for a dash of decorative delight or create a fun birthday celebration with unique decor. Top the cupcake with the celebratory candle and watch the lucky honoree light up!

(Many thanks to WallCandy Arts for sending this our way for review, it's given us hours of entertainment and that testimonial alone should let you know I am not being influenced in any way!!)

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