Monday, August 9, 2010

On the mend....

Hi all!!

If any of you are on my Facebook you know that I am on the mend from surgery. Not a big thing, an umbilical hernia, which is pretty routine though the healing process is hard for me to handle sometimes.

I can't pick up anything over 15 pounds.

I have to take it easy.

I am a mother of seven kids who need, hugs, kisses, baths, have nightmares and get hit by their siblings.

I am a mother that loves to grill, sits out on the back porch and takes photos, enjoys washing my girls hair and snuggling with Dave.

Thankfully.. I'm in love with a man who makes me root beer floats, carry's the laundry up and down two flights of stairs and trims back the tree in front so I can watch the kids play.

I have the best caretakers in the world... so I'll be up and moving in no time!


Laura said...

You're a lucky-luck girl. I knew your family would take good care of you - they love you!! Glad you're healing up quickly!

Stephanie said...

I hope your recovery is speedy. It sounds like you're being well taken care is a wonderful medicine. :)