Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yes, He is Superman

When I first met Dave he had the single dad pad.

It was a three bedroom home, the area when you first walked into the house was full of toys, a basket ball goal and balls. (Clutterville, my head almost exploded… heh)

Then a year later we moved in together, by then the toys were moved to the child’s room, the house was 5 bedroom and the clutter was at a dull roar.

However the front room remained empty.

My computer lived there for a few months before it was moved to the basement, again, the space was empty, perfect for running around however without any warmth.

There was another issue … we didn’t have a dining room table. We were all eating in scatter patterns around the two living spaces, but without being able to sit and enjoy a steak without someone spilling something or teaching the younger kids what it was like to enjoy dinner together as a family.

Then it happened, Dave realized how empty it was as if it hadn’t always been that way, so he planned, first in his head, then on paper the table was born. Piece by piece, he sketched, measured and budgeted for the lumber, etc.

He chose the date to start and for the next month the neighbors heard the

sounds of hammer against nail, staple gun

and cutting of wood during the weekend or at night after work.

He did all this while, working two jobs, attending his son’s T-ball games/practices and still being a father to the rest of the children.

Yes… he is superman.

Want to see what he did? Our kitchen table will have its “Grand opening” this Saturday when my parents come to town.

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