Friday, March 19, 2010

Mommy's Mingle and Vino...

Denver is not what you would call the heart of wine country; however we are so lucky to have found a niche of the world that is home to us winos.

Okay… perhaps wino isn’t the right word.

Wine connoisseurs.

Yea... that makes me feel MUCH better.

Last night 20ish lucky ladies got together at our monthly soirée hosted by Mile High Mamas and Mom it Forward, the invitation to have our gathering at Water 2 Wine was accepted with open arms and welcomed anticipation. It just happens to be owned by a local Mile High mama member, Rebecca and her husband Derek.

~Our parting gifts, our own wine~

This was a wonderful place for all of us to meet, we got to mingle, sip wine and go on a tour of the winery.

How would you like to ferment your own wine and then bottle it with your own custom labels? Check them out 28-30 bottles of your own personalized wine and you don’t have to sanitize the carboys. I am thinking this is the coolest wedding party for friends!

~The lovely American Red Cross ladies~

The Red Cross came and did a wonderful presentation on the importance of Infant/Child CPR. They are offering Crunchy Green Mom readers 15% off any class using the code 'blogger'. And I won their door prize of a family first aid kit. It's in the truck prepared to keep my family bandaged up at the park!

~Amber and Barb talking at the event~

So… for a Thursday night… a night out with a group of ladies I highly respect and love to call my friends. Thanks to MHM, MiF, and W2W…. because you made it all possible!

~After the week I've had, this is the perfect ending~


Frugal Vicki said...

OH my gosh! I am so bummed I had to miss it! It looks like it was a wonderfully relaxing time!

Lori said...

Hey Suzanne, great pics from Thursday night. Great to meet you, it was a fun party.

jyl (Mom It Forward) said...

I'm dying! So wish I could join the Denver Mile High Mamas Mom It Forward crowd every month for these amazing events. Sounds like this one was extra fun!!! I love your pics :). So glad you had such a great time :).