Monday, March 15, 2010

Falling without tears....

I have always had a great sense of direction

No matter where I ended up I could always find

my way back to me.

It took over a year of me-time before I saw him

He wasn’t someone who’d been there all along

Just someone I might have run into in passing.

I never knew him before we met or knew the man he’d

Left behind when we did finally cross paths.

I am thankful for the man he is now


He was the one I never knew I was searching for.

The One that existed despite my attempts

To find him under rocks and in the “comfortable”

Places I had been looking.

My sense of direction is a spinning compass

I get lost in him.

Orions Belt and The Big Dipper are no longer

Guides for me.

I am me…. He is he…

Together… We

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G-Zell said...

What a sweet post!