Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Alpine skiers and

Dave and I have engulfed ourselves in the Olympics this year! We watched the opening ceremonies (which were amazing) and have followed our favorite American athletes, gotten new ones and even felt for some of the competitors from other countries that seem to have the world on their shoulders.

This week is a huge week for the Alpine Skiers! We have Giant Slalom tonight, Wednesday and the Slalom on Friday for a group of women trying to get to the podium.

Photos by: Kelli Baxendale

There is Megan McJames, a 22 year old brunette with a pretty face and a strong spirit from Park City, Utah. She started skiing at age 2 and has grown up and still lives in Park City, Utah, remaining true to her hometown. Megan is a tough girl! She made her World Cup start in Australia in 2008 with a broken wrist…. She’s got a ton of tenacity!

Photos by: Kelli Baxendale

Sarah Schleper is a local here in Colorado. This 31 year old was raised by her father in Vail and started skiing at age 2. She started racing at 11 and the rest is an amazing history of her life. She’s seen the podium in World Cup, and is ready to take on Winter Olympics 2010 which is her 4th Olympics!

These women had returned to Jackson Hole, Wyoming after Opening Ceremonies to train, and then took some time off to take a few photos with a company called at The Snow King Resort in Jackson Hole. They got blinged out in swag and had their photos taken by Kelli Baxendale. was started in 2008 by John Frechette. He has done an amazing job through a new medium of fused glass, making everything from belts to rings and housewares (Check out his plates, I am in LOVE with them). He reached out to these lovely Olympians he got beautiful role models to show off his artwork.

Make sure you watch the Olympians tonight and Friday night for their Olympic run! While you are at it, go check out, John is offering Crunchy Green Mom readership 25% off their order with the coupon code: Olympics. So check it out, look at some of the photos and get something to remember the 2010 Olympics!

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Texasholly said...

Our house has been a bit olympic-obsessed as well. So much fun. The art is amazing.