Monday, December 21, 2009

10 ways to get fit after the holidays

  • Motivation. My job is doing a “Biggest Loser” contest here at work, it is a good way to motivate you when you know you are competing.

  • Come up with a work out schedule and do not deviate from it.

  • Put weights on a shelf in the fridge, next to the washing machine and in the bathroom. Use them, do 5 reps of curls, lifts or arm raises between loads of laundry, or when you are washing your face in the morning

  • Eat 6 small meals a day.

  • Take one day a week off from dieting/exercising. Eat what you want, denial is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

  • Get a buddy, your significant other, best friend or a walking buddy. Sometimes even an I-pod and motivate you.

  • Music to work out to. Techno is a GREAT stimulator of the brain.

  • Gift yourself once a week. A type of “Attaboy” for sticking to it. Get a haircut, manicure and pedi or just a night out with your friends.

  • Take the trash out yourself, shovel the walk or carry the little one to the mailbox on your back. They are the best weights you can have.

  • Get yourself some cute clothes to wear when you are working out, nothing destroys your motivation by hating yourself while you hate what you are doing.

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Joanna said...

These are all great tips! I plan on getting on track as soon as the 1st comes.