Friday, November 6, 2009

5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway

I really love 5 Minutes for Mom. They do the Wordless Wednesday , they speak from their hearts on many issues and I LOVE the interviews they do for BlogHer. In fact, I hope one year that I get to go, and when I do, I hope to get to meet them and interview with them.

(Right BEFORE The Bloggess... Why? Because I have girly love for her and because NO ONE should ever go after her… she’s too funny!)

This is the second year that 5 Minutes for Mom will be doing their Under The Tree, which is a way to give gifts to families in need. If you know of a family that might need gifts or a way to help their Holidays be a little brighter… please nominate them. Who knows what might happen.

They also do a Christmas Giveaway and this year looks like a GREAT start for gifts!

Wanna see what they have? Go visit, sign up.

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