Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wine.. Wine... Tuesdays better with Wine..

Today is brought to you by: Carlos Rossi in a bottle, with a handle.

You know those nights where you find yourself covering a shoe box for a diorama of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar? Where you realize you have no “action figures” wearing togas or that the printer is on the fritz and the teenage boy looking at you has no way to print off his 10 paragraphs?

Yes, it was a Monday night, A Monday night where I had plans to curl up with my loving man and watch some football with a cool fall breeze drifting over us through the open window.

Instead I was in the kitchen telling my son to “get it done” and asking my artistically inclined daughter to draw him a coliseum. Please… (If you had seen the artwork I had done of a “cheering” crowd it might have made you cry.)

That was when My Dave said, “Hey, let’s finish off this wine.”

Now let me start off by reminding you, it’s a Monday night. Let me also say this is not a normal bottle of wine. This is the bottle of wine on an end cap (my love’s favorite place to shop from) that was used for the worst beef burgundy I’ve ever had, and was going to be used to make fall sangria to be enjoyed on the porch during a cool autumn evening. This bottle of wine was large and had a handle on it. Yes…. One of those…

Needless to say, I woke up this morning for work at 6am (Only an hour after my loving boyfriends phone KEPT going off on his alarm that he never uses) trying to figure out why there was moss growing on my tongue, and why did I feel so good.

Wine and I are growing friendlier; apparently I can drink it the night before and STILL want to go to work the next morning…. Now I need wines with better flavor and less likely to have a handle on them…

What are your favorite wines?


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

I like the wine with the handle LOL. Seriously I like SWEET. If it tastes like candy I am there. Like Boones Farm.

I mostly stick with wine coolers for that reason.

WackyMummy said...

If you like the red, I've always been partial to Robert Mondavi Woodbridge. I like the Merlot.
Otherwise, I used to be very friendly with Berringer's pink (yes, PINK) Zinfandel. Or the white Zin is good too.
Those are both cheap because well, I'm cheap too.

Joanna said...

I am not a wine or champagne drinker at all. {weird I know} I guess I don't really like alcohol because I don't drink beer and the only thing I do drink is fruity mixed drinks to kill the flavor. I wished I did drink wine...It always seems so fancy! : )