Friday, October 30, 2009

Have you Boo-ed anyone lately?

Do you have a neighbor that's quiet? Always smiling however obviously lonely and in need of a an uplifting deed?

Do you like surprising people?

I LOVE it.. I love know that I've done something to help someone feel good, even if they don't know it's me.

So when I heard about the "I've been Boo-ed" idea, I fell in love.

This Saturday, I am going to gather the older children up, have them decorate a bag, fill it with treats and a sweet gift and attach this sign to it. Then, leave it on the step of a neighbor lady who always seems so lonely when I see her.

Want to follow suit? Please do, leave something on the desk of a co-worker who needs a smile, or at the hospital for a nurse working late or for a child who might need an uplifting thought.

Go here for some inspiration!

I HATE it when I forget blogs that I get ideas from. But, I've searched and searched and I can't figure out where it was that I got this idea... so I had to hunt for something similar and this is what I found! Thanks to whomever gave me the idea!

1 comment:

Natalie Jane said...

So glad you figured out how you found me!

I think I am going to boo my next door neighbor tonight :)