Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You know you're a sister when.....


You know you’re a sister when….

You love her for her words that flow through the screen, like whispers to your heart. When she is up late in the evening consoling a newborn you can blink through your tears and know you are not the only one.

You know you’re a sister when….

She asks for your advice on how to handle her teenage daughter and you panic slightly knowing the words you say might come off as harsh, however you know she will respect them and understand what you are trying to say.

You know you’re a sister when…

You have never held her hand when she cried nor laughed with her over candles on her birthday cake, however when you meet, you embrace like you’ve been long lost friends.

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash - Mile High Mamas

I have met these sisters through pixels and watched their children grow over the past two years. Some of them I have been there for the labor, when they tweeted and/or gave updates on their blog. I have received baby announcements and sent gifts of warm welcome to their newest joy.

I have cried over mother’s who’s lives changed in airplane accidents, or lost their beautiful daughters to sickness.

I have learned that I can tackle any project and do it all without spending more money than I have, and reusing what I have at my disposal.

These are things I have learned from my sisters, from the women that have 2-D faces staring out at me however when I meet them face to face, I know there will be tears of joy finally getting to hug them and hear their true laughter for the first time!

You know you’re a sister when….

You call them “my friend” and feel as if their children are as much part of your family as your own family is. You text them and think about them when they are having hard times.

I am blessed to have been given the chance to know and love these women.

I joined this project to thank all of my sisters that I have fallen in love with over these past two years. Thank all of you for speaking to my heart, my soul and giving me the chance to never feel alone as a single mom, a dating mom and now a mom of a blended family!

The Sister Project is to honor any-and-all-things sister. Join their page (I have, and LOVE the stories) and join in for the Sisterhood contest, but hurry! It ends July 31st and someone will get the chance to attend the Type-A Mom Conference in September with Mishelle from Secret Agent Mama, Christine from The Savvy Plant and Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting.


Melony said...

Cute kids!!! :)

Margaret Roach said...

Oh, Lilith, now you have me tearing up. What a journey you allude to in your post, and how fiercely your digital sisters have apparently been there beside you. Thanks for this, and for blogging with the sisterhood.

Xenia said...

That was a great post... and now you have me all sad thinking about how 1) I need to keep better in touch with some of my friends that have been like sisters to me but have drifted away a little with life, and 2) my brother is fine and all, but having an actual sister would have been nice.

Geez, thanks. :)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I seriously want to cry. And you know why. *tears*

Love it. LOOOOVE it.

secret agent mama said...

Oooohhhh we have a sister in common.... Amber Johnson! I love that girl!!!

This whole post gave me the chills. I can't wait to meet you!

Kelly said...

Really great post..."I am blessed to have been given the chance to know and love these women." Me too... Good luck!