Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To-Do Tuesday - 7/22

Happy Tuesday everyone.

It’s To-Do Tuesday once again.

Wanna know what I’m NOT doing? Wanna know what I’m going to be whining about ALL weekend/week/month?



Ok… I’m controlled… gathered… collected….

See, most of my bloggy friends will be off and galavanting around Chicago like a bunch of school girls, hugging, squealing, eating, DRINKING and some are even running and bowling. The blogosphere is going to be very quiet this weekend.

I will still have a few of my friends around, which means I will send Joanna random messages that say “*WHINE* Whatcha doin’?*

Next year… Next year for sure…..2010 The Year of Crunchy Green Mom!

Ok.. I am off my pitty pot…. I might need to clean this thing soon!

Onto my list for the week! This week I am not separating out all my days, since they are focused on a single thing.


  • Pack up my room (Start in one corner and pack it all up)
  • Pack up my computer
  • Pack up the vehicle with items to take to Goodwill
  • Pack up the vehicle with items I can move in early

After the carpet goes in

  • Move things into the rooms to get them out of the toddlers room
  • Start bringing over gaming consoles, etc to put away
  • Install the closet organizer for Kara.
  • Help Dave with the loft and the book shelf (if he needs it)

Wednesday and Friday

  • Date nights with Dave – Reconnect


  • Jake’s last t-ball game
  • Spray park with the Baker’s


  • Clean the house, totally.
  • Go to Dave’s baseball game

I hope ya’ll join To-Do Tuesday. It’s helpful, it’s very nice to keep yourself on track of things that you might otherwise forget!

If you are going to BlogHer, enjoy yourself and have a safe weekend!

If you are not….. You can come visit me ALL weekend long and whine mournfully! I’ll be here for ya! :

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