Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad Mommy of the Weekend

BaBa is LaLa's closest friend.

No, it is not a sheep she got at birth or her sister's nickname, it is her bottle. The friend she has had for much of her 18 months alive, comforting, full of cold milk at night and something she wakes up to a few times a night refill.

Mommy, the woman who loves her and adores her, the woman who promises to keep her safe and happy. Me... the woman sitting at her computer listening to the cries of despair... yes, that lady, took BaBa away today.

It was time. BaBa needed to go away, 18 months is long enough... right?

I wanna give BaBa back right now, she falls asleep and mournfully wakes up again crying out for her comfort. I chose this weekend to also give Issa water in her sippy cup from now on... only water. Am I insane? Did I decide against sleeping this weekend?

It is not only sad for her, but for me.

This is my last baby, the last little one who will curl up in my lap with a bottle and fall asleep. The last one who will have to be weaned with a weekend of tears.

I admit.. I am sad. I will miss those little ones, I will miss being pregnant, the anticipation, the 9 month lead up and the years of joy, pain and frusteration afterward. Every moment is worth it...

So tonight.. I will pull her into bed with me and whisper sweet thoughts to her. Tonight I will comfort her and wipe away those tears, because tomorrow, she might forget all about BaBa and worse, grow up much faster than I want.


Gretel said...

OMG! You are CRAZY! At least do the Baba one weekend and the water the next! OMG!!!
Grady is fully on sippies now. They kinda look like bottles, but hey!
We are working on him not needing mommy and daddy in the room with him! He can entertain himself just fine, but WE have to be there. I can't put the baby gate up and go do laundry! Any tips?

Lilith Silvermane said...

It just takes time on that one. LaLa has spurts of being content and needing MaMa... No tips really, just let him move at his own pace.

He's a smart cookie. BTW, the YoBaby got sent out to ya! Just talked to the sponsor.

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

My daughter went easily from bottles to sippies by the time she was 1. I think seeing big brother with sippies was enough, and she went easily to water too.

my son on the other hand was not so easy.

Good luck and yes they do grow up so fast...

Elina said...

I hear ya. I feel the same knowing my dd is the last baby for me. She's 5 now and I feel like she's growing up too fast!