Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday morning memory

There is a toddler curled up in my arms before a diaper change, the other one having slipped onto the floor to wander the room and find something to play with.

A whimper, pleading cry to be put back into bed for “sleep” is granted with a new sippy of milk and her favorite blankie as she curls up in her crib.

The littlest one is picked up to be wrapped in my arms, and placed into bed so there can be a little snuggle time.

The other little girl requests me with a sob, a bad dream has woken her up and she needs love.

As I rock her quietly, my Blackberry is found and the music comes softly flowing from it, melodious sounds of Missy Higgins fade into a faster paced song as the baby starts to dance to help dry up the tears of her older sister.

There is laughter from the three of us, and spirits are lifted to help them start their day.

Their father shows up to take them to his house for the day… It’s Monday morning at 6:30am and I’ve already had a busy day.


Crystal said...

TOO SWEET!! Lol! I thought i'd jump over here and say hi! Always on Facebook talking to u I thought i'd come catch up with what u and the kiddos are up to;o)

WackyMummy said...

Beautiful! I love morning snuggles too. Great kids to help each other out. :)