Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summertime fun and safety with Glow Bracelets

Summertime is coming and there are cool summer nights, mosquito’s and late dark evenings to contend with when dealing with children. When you go camping, there are even more concerns however, I would never wish to deny my children memories like that, so, I keep them safe with a few items.

*Sunblock (because here in the mountains the rays can be brutal)

*Insect repellent (organic preferred)

*Glow bracelets

I know the last one sounds a little weird however what better time to play outside than when you are camping? And it keeps them safe, two birds with one stone… right?

Be cautious around the fire and make sure they are not near the ledge of any cliff, and you have hours of squeals and laughter followed up with marshmallows and a few quiet games before bed.

Glow bracelets will help them feel safe when they are sleeping in the tent and should something happen to them when they wander off, then you have a chance to spot them before they get too far out of sight.

We also like to use them as barrier markers in the trees or on rocks, to let people know what things might be in the way as they are walking to the “potty tree” or just dumping out some old water.

I know that my children love to get these and I buy glow bracelets and other glow items in bulk so I have them year round for Halloween (I hang them on ghosts in the front yard when we have our yearly party.)

Use them for the Fourth of July as you are watching fireworks and then you will have an easier time watching the little ones chase the fireflies. Summer is a great time to learn new ways to keep your kids safe and entertained to help you enjoy your time outdoors!


WackyMummy said...

I love the glow bracelet idea. I'm gonna have to look into for us. :) (See how you inspire me?!)

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

Glow bracelets are a staple in our camper too. All of our kiddos are decorated in them each night. They think they are fun, and we get to keep track of them in a safe way. You can get a large package of them at the Dollar Store for, yep $1.

Hoosier Homemade said...

That's a great idea! Don't let a cat bite through it though, ours was foamy green at the mouth yrs ago from one. LOL
Thanks for stopping by my blog!