Friday, May 8, 2009

Open Letter Friday - 5/8

Polymer Clay Snails has a MeMe called Open Letter Friday.

Write a letter, to anyone. Sister, parent, crazy driver, or relative that is being unfair to their parent.

I am also putting this as my Open Mic Night post! Since the theme is gratitude it fits!


Dear Momma Duck,

I was sitting at the light during lunch yesterday, enjoying the springtime, music, my windows rolled down and humming to myself. It was one of those picture perfect moments.

You and your children rolled up to the light on your bikes. Ranging in ages between 9 and 6 they all lined up behind you like little ducklings and walked their bikes across the street. The 6 year old boy tried to hop back on his bike, but jumped off again quickly when he realized what his sisters were doing.

There were helmets, water bottles and the confidence crossing the street and following mom.

I was so impressed. I saw you raising responsible adults. They don't realize that... they just see you keeping them safe.

I hope that people learned by watching you, I know your children were learning by example.

Thank you, Thank you for raising children that were responsible. Thank you for giving society three children who will teach their children the same way. Thank you for being a role model not only to them, but to a mom of six sitting in her car watching you.

Keep the wheels spinning!

Mommy Duck


Sarah .aka. mamalotsoftots said...

that was so sweet! I am so encouraged to see these types of things too. Moms caring about raising the next generation and passing on their morals and just good manners in general. :D Thank you for sharing!

WackyMummy said...

How great! (Sounded cute, too.) Unfortunately I don't see enough bike helmets out my way. And I've seen childen with helmets following the adult down the street--the adult helmet-less. Not the best example. (I'm a worrier, and I worry when I see people riding bikes without helmets... just remembering all my childhood bike "accidents"!)

I guess I shouldn't talk, though... I DID post pictures of my son horse-back "riding" (supervised pony ride at the zoo) without a helmet. Does that make me a hypocrit? Gosh, I better get a riding helmet!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Nydia said...

This is cute! They totally look like ducklings ...

I'm over-protective myself ... and would be afraid of having my kid even that far behind me ...

This makes me want to go for a bike ride w/ the little one ...