Sunday, April 12, 2009

Something I love!

I got this diaper bag a week ago and am finally getting to use it out.
It is packed and ready to go for Easter Sunday at the Smith's.

Now, many of you know, I HATE diaper bags. I hate the cartoon characters and the fact that you can NOT look sexy with a cartoon character smiling sarcastically over your shoulder

(See the toy, no, that is not the girls, but it is waiting to be returned to it's rightful place.)
(The floor of the truck for it's true owner, the 5 year old boy who would miss it!)

Wearing this. You can look sexy! Or at least a bit more trendy than the pinks and blues that there are out there.

Michelle made this for me after I won her giveaway and this item is worth the press! I have two girls outfits in this, 8 diapers, diaper rash lotions, wipes and powder, with room to spare!

Help yourself out... get a cute diaper bag, one that you can take with you anywhere.
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Pamela Kramer said...

That is a nice bag! I like the cloth rather than the vinyl plastic inside. That stuff always cracks after a while.