Saturday, April 18, 2009

JumpStart 3D World- Review and Giveaway

Jumpstart 3D Virtual World has been a game that we have played with for weeks here at my house.

Everyone from my 15 month old, up to my teen has made an avatar, and ran him/her through the towns and games that this world has to offer.

When you first log into you will have a parent screen. Simple, I promise, it will ask for the age and name of the child playing so the website can configure the program to work with your child and his/her age appropriate sections. allows your child to configure the appearance of their avatar from there. Want kitty ears and pink hair? You got it! (Parents, worry not… this can be changed often! In fact, I think it is the favorite part of the game!)

Then you get a short tutorial about how to move around, pick up items and look in your backpack of goodies. Be prepared to hear the Dora “backpack” song a lot during this… At least they are learning to associate, right?

There are so many areas you can visit when you get into the main part of the game. Ghost towns where you can run around and pick up gold and silver bars for money, or Adventure Land where you can play games and others where you can decorate your home and change it at your whim.

Jumpstart 3D Virtual World was made for children to build their own world and be safe in their learning. Parents do not need to worry about their kids playing games and maneuvering around on the internet. This can be done safely and with benefits of learning and using the computer.

Now… want to use this website yourself?

How about a 3-month membership to

How to get a chance:

1.) Leave me a message about who would be getting to play this AND your e-mail address (Use this format to keep spammers at bay )(LilithSilvermane(at)gmail(dot)com)

Extra Entries (Leave these in separate comments)

A.) Follow my blog on Google Reader (If you are a follower, let me know)

B.) Follow me on Twitter (CrunchyGreenmom)

This giveaway will end April 25, 2009 and I will announced the winner April 27, 2009

Thanks so much to Sonia for the giveaway opportunity and the chance to play with such a fun site!


WackyMummy said...

Me me me! I would be playing this!!! Maybe my 3 year old son, too. Maybe. I haven't decided yet.... Although it might help him learn to use a computer properly.... hmmmm. ;)

Kookaburra said...

What a cute looking game! I'm sure my 3 year old daughter would love it.

Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Kookaburra said...

I became a Google follower as well!

BUSY BEE said...

I have two pre-schoolers that would love to be playing! They are more computer literate than me...its not fair!

bsyb100 at gmail dot com

BUSY BEE said...

I google follow.

Sharon said...

I will be playing and my pre-teen. Thanks for the giveaway

sharr1226 at yahoo dot com

Jen said...

My 5 year old son, and probably 3 year old daughter would LOVE to check this out!


Jen said...

I am now following your blog!

Jen said...

And now I follow you on Twitter! :)

wendy said...

my daughter would be the one to play this.

madamerkf at aol dot com

Nicole said...

My 7 year old daughter would be playing this!!