Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breast Cancer Walk Kickoff Breakfast!

How many stories do you know about breast cancer?

Do you have friends or family affected by it? How about a loved one who survived… or sadly did not?

The American Cancer Society and King Soopers held a Kickoff Breakfast for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer this morning at Invesco field.

It was a wonderful way to hear stories, get information and eat some great food for a new season!

April 26th I will be walking the 3 mile walk around Washington Park with my friends and family. Will you be joining me? If you would like to join… please join Team Lily and come walk with us. You do need to be registered through the site to do so! Only a few weeks left before the walk.

You can also donate to my team (pretty please!) and in a few weeks I will be putting up a HUGE thank you to the contributors! I love everyone of them and it means so much to have my friends and blog readers donate!

Thank you to everyone and the organizers for a wonderful welcome!

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