Saturday, February 7, 2009

Get it write here Journal #12

These journal entries are from Get it Write Here. She puts up journal questions, some simple, some complex however all of them will help you think about where you are, what you appreciate and look a little deeper inside yourself.

Finish this sentence: When I think of snow, I think of...

I'd seen snow before.. walked in it, played in it.. but NEVER in a state that I lived in.. not until I moved to Colorado when I was 21.

I was living in a 3rd floor apartment with three kids, my ex and two roommates. I hated Colorado, I wanted to go home to Texas, to my friends, my life, my family. I didn't want to be far away like that... And then it snowed. I was like a little girl, I ran down the three lights of stairs and stuck out my tongue, stayed out in it until I was shivering. Even now.. that snow warms my heart... though.. this past first snow was amazing. It was like it had been planned.

Dave and I had gone to dinner with my parents this past November. He was meeting them for the first time. My mother and I were pretty well lubricated on wine and martinis, and my father had eaten enough food that he had that perma-grin on his face. Dave had done well all night, they were in love with him... So.. good food... good drinks.. lots of laughs... and we stepped out side...

...the pathways were white, the snow glistened off the light from the light posts and we were all in awe. My parents are northerners who now live in Texas, so seeing snow is a dream come true for them. I will never forget the look on my mother's face, it still brings tears to my eyes. She looks up at the snow, like I did the first time I saw it.. it was as if it had been brought just for that night.. just for them.

What 3 things did you worry about this past week?

This week:

*I worried about Dave and I, how we were going to do the things we've been talking about. I realized it had to be one day at a time. I've put wheels in motion on my side, as has he... we are motivated and dedicated and can handle anything that comes our way.

*That some of the Valentine's gifts I'd bought wouldn't get here in time. I think they will.. by the skin of my teeth... blasted things!

*The economy, how things are going to end up before the up slope begins. I don't believe it is anyone's fault.. it's just how the cards played out. Instead of placing blame.. we need to find a solution!

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