Friday, February 27, 2009

Biting off my nose to spite my.... toes...?

The weather was perfect… warming up, sun-shining; I was sitting outside and tanning during lunch, perfect springtime.

I made the decision yesterday… My flip-flops will NOT come off my feet until November.

Tonight I’m wearing some heels that show off my toes.

I am going to get a pedicure, make sure they look their best. (I think my feet are sexy, D thinks they are HUGE! I’m ignoring him… it’s easier)

SO…. That being said, I left the house in Capri pants, a light sweater and my flip-flops.

What do I find?

Ice on the windshield.

What do I hear on the radio?

Snow expected tonight.

Do I change?

NOT A CHANCE! I’m wearing my damned flip flops until the first snow…!

Yep… I’m being stubborn, until Dave glares at me enough to go put on the blasted snow boots he bought me….

Then I’ll sulk….

……. With snow boots on.


Joanna said...

Hahha. I don't blame you, I wear mine well year round, but we are in different parts of the US. Although, I love them so much and own like 20 pairs I would wear them and have worn them in the snow before! You wear your flip flops girl! Just crank up that heat in the car and stick your feet on the vents! *smiles* Have a great weekend!!

Toni said...

Girl I am the same way I live in birkenstock I hate when I have to put them away and sometimes I just don't lOL. I freeze my toes off.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Lilith, it's so nice to meet you, another great blog design from Jo-Jo! She's good, that girl. I hear you on the flip-flops. We are flip-flop wearing people here in AL too & it won't be long til I can drag mine out. I heard we may get some wintry weather this weekend too. We will see.

Thanks for adding my feed, please come back often!

Andrea Singer said...

That is funny :) I like your blog so I've added your button to my page!