Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Motivation #1

Here is my progress.

Week 1:

I worked out 3 days, ate healthy 5 days, and I lost 1.1 pound.

I was a little disappointed in this, however, my optimism only allowed me to be discouraged for a short time.

That is 1.1 pound I don't have to lose again.
That is 1.1 pound that I do not have to carry.
That is 1.1 pound of the past... gone forever!

With that said.. I lost 3.3 mental pounds... That's pretty good!

This week, I will work out for 5 days, I have auditions for two plays on Saturday and volunteering for the Roller Girls in Denver on Sunday. Busy week... I will have great news next Monday!

Tip of the week:

Do you have a job where you sit on your rump all day? Or do you have a job where getting to the water fountain isn’t as easy?

Bring two cups with tops with you to work/home, etc. Everytime you go to the water fountain, fill up both cups. That way, you at least have two glasses before you get up for lunch, etc.

I make some Chai in one cup, and water in the other. Then I have hot and cold, depending on my need!

Some studies are saying that American’s eat more food, because we are so dehydrated our bodies try to get our daily water needs in our food consumption. Let’s help our bodies out!!

Today’s food:

Breakfast- Total Cinnamon toast crunch

AM mid-meal- ½ cup of cottage cheese, 1 apple

Lunch- Tuna Sandwich

PM mid-meal- Wasa cracker, turkey meat (2 oz)

Dinner- Elk tacos

How did you do? I hope you are going into your week with motivation!

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