Saturday, January 3, 2009

Freaky Friday- A Creative Journal

I forget to look at things in another person's eyes. I try, very hard. I try to remember what it felt like when my heart was broken, or when I felt horrible because the crud came over my body, or even when I was rushed with children and not paying attention to the world around me.
I also forget to thank those people who try to take care of me, even when I am not looking after myself.

Brad: For giving me "the look" when I reach for the salt, or soy sauce, knowing full well that I've been paying for the holiday's the past week, with increased pain and ringing in my ears, and hearing loss consistently everyday.

My son: When I walk by sniffling or sneezing, reaching out and rubbing my arm. I don't think he knows how cool that is to have a son that is so in tuned to the feelings of others, at 13.

My ex: Who took care of me for years, bringing me meds, giving me soup and enough liquid to drowned my sick sorrows. He left the path open for my faith and expectation in people when I am sick.

The chicken: (This is a weird one) Being there for me to toss into a crockpot, remove the meat, use the broth and chicken for homemade chicken noodle soup tomorrow. Which will be sipped from a cup enjoyed while I am trying to get better.

My boyfriend: Who despite spending the whole day with me, kissing me, and risking his own sickness, offered to come over and bring me meds and gatorade. Oh, and not taking oodles of glee in how I got my sickness, knowing I brought it on myself and am getting punished for a "deed" that might be minor, however only strengthens my resolve in our future. Thanks for not "hitting me in the stomach with a raquetball", even if I deserve it.

I am sure that to many of them, I seem a little whiney and demanding, perhaps even a bit weaker in comparision to the girl they see when I'm fully healed up.

I only hope to remember, that when they are sick, when they need the homemade chicken noodle soup, that I am by their side, dealing with their curses and whining and in ability to make a coherent thought.

I'm off, to try and heal my poor body up a little, and wander the blogosphere!

Who takes care of you when you are sick? If you had to thank anyone for that... who would it be?

Please visit A Creative Journal for more wonderful ideas for your own journaling. I am pretty sure this journaling is supposed to be private, however, what fun is that???

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margelina said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!
When I'm sick, I'm on my own. My hubby will make sure the vaporizer is filled for me, though. ; )