Friday, December 26, 2008

Last Aloha Friday of 2008

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Well.. this is it for 2008.
The last Friday!

This will be the last question I'm asking... so it better be a good one huh?

Is there something you wish you had said to someone this past year? What is it... and why haven't you?

Have a wonderful rest of the week... see you in 2009!!


Tena said...

hmmmmm... I am normally one to say what I mean and mean what I say when it comes into my head, which is both good and bad!
I am sure I could have told loved ones that I loved them more than I did, and I say it a lot, but who tires of hearing those words
Great question

TheAngelForever said...

Not really. I typically say things that I want to say to people. of course the exception to the rule are my out-laws. Just not worth rocking the boat with them.

janetfaye said...

Nothing that I can remember.

shopannies said...

I am normally one who blurts out comments when they come to mind but there are times that I wish I could have talked to one person more in 2008 than we did. You see both my husbands biological father and my husbands mother passed away this year. We were fueding with his mom and you know that was wrong but we had no idea that she was going to pass. So I wish we could of spent more time together. We did forgive each other about 1 month prior to her death, it was a quick death. But for that last birthday she was here we did not spend that with her because of her being head strong and us trying to avoid the problem. I just wish now we would of dealt with the issues earlier than what we did. anyways she knew we loved her and in the end were the ones caring for her.

Anonymous said...

Not really, if I have something to say, I usually say it. If not, I guess it wasn't that important.

Toni said...

Yes there are times I let people use me and I wish I had sad something and stood up for myself, you live and learn right.

nancy said...

Nope. As you know from me, I say way too much as it is.

There ARE some things I would have loved to say to people to make them understand where I was coming from. But that would involve sitting them down, making them shut the eff up and looking them in the face while I spoke. Over the internet, there is just too many assumptions minus tone and I've had my fair share of people not understanding what it was I was trying to convey and them just writing me off. So in this forum, I just have to let it go. But I would love to take those 2 dozen people and talk some sense into them.

heh - here you are, asking such a nice question about speaking your heart when needing to and maybe even making amends and here I am, wanting to talk some sense into people for my own enjoyment. I kinda suck, eh?

(I know you are out until "next year" but shoot me an email to let me know you got tickets, ok? I'm always anxious that things are received safely)

nancy said...

sweet. I'm very glad they are safe and sound.

Tip - the bar gets busy there so get there early and go to the bar just down the street (on theatre side, just west of the venue) and there is a little irish bar which you can get good and loaded for way cheaper BEFORE the show.

I'll be drinking ~one~ pint of guinness there, it's the least I can do to celebrate FM! I can't wait. Which reminds me, I need to get a hotel.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I wish I had the guts to tell my MIL how upset it makes me when she second guesses my parenting choices. But our relationship is strained enough as it is.

kailani said...

I really can't think of anything I wished I had said to anyone. However, there are probably a few things I shouldn't have said. ;-)