Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hand picked Christmas tree

Pike National Forest (November 30, 2008)

I am a tree-hugging nature lover.

I recycle, I try to purchase toys that will not pollute the earth, I even hate to do laundry unless I have a FULL load to do.

However... I... Love... live Christmas trees!

I love the smell, I love the feel.. I love the sound of the branches when you brush up against them. The needles falling to the floor like a sign that it's over, and next year will be another surprise, another day of hot cocoa, laughs and excitement.

I was thrilled to learn that Dave loves the Holiday's as much as I do. He loves the music, the decorating, the cool crisp air, snow swirling around as if it were alive and the look of lights twinkling in the night as we pass each street.

So away we went a date to do what my friend called... "Murdering innocent trees", myself, Dave and his young son little guy, into the mountains. Within a comedy of errors, a wonderful sledding hill all to ourselves and a great number of laughs we came home with our prize.

Our day started off with a bang:

First off I got out of the house 30 minutes late, by no fault of my own, however I got over the frustration of the imposition by the time I got to his house. He was making little man and I a wonderful breakfast...

*pancake puffs (These things are AWESOME!)

Oh man.. I was stuffed... the Sunday paper, laughter, dodging nerf bullets and the dog, it was a really nice way to start off the day.

Then off to Home Depot we went, packing the truck as if we would be gone for days, everyone strapped in, we braved the snow and slipping and sliding got to Home Depot for some tools and sand bags (I got to drive his truck... purrs... that is a pretty little beast he has there!)

Target took longer than expected and finally we headed out to Fairplay, Colorado. No idea where that is... but, I'd go to the ends of the earth following him!

Conifer, Colorado was our first stop. We fill the mugs with hot cocoa and got everything to the truck. The clerk told us Kenosha pass was closed... the direct route to Fairplay... Yep... sounds about right. As we got into the car my klutzy side came out in full force, knocking over one of the hot chocolate's, trying to grab that one I managed to drop the BIGGER one, and in his desperate attempt to halt my path of destruction on his new truck... he spills the soda drink into the DVD player.


I was on a war path apparently, and his clean truck was going to be my target. Needless to say.. I should NOT be allowed to have drinks in people's cars! I've got the coordination of a pregnant yak!

We make it up to Kenosha pass.. Yep... still closed.

So we go down another road into Pike National Forest, and this man of mine finds a steep hill and see's it for what it is..... The perfect hill for sledding!

Then we pack up and head to the tree farm, After getting stuck in the snow (it took us an hour to get outta that one), and trouncing through enough of the white bliss that walking was a small issue, Dave found a tree... And no.. it is not a Charlie Brown tree.. this thing has some life to it!

All in all, even after the errors in our day, we had pizza, played video games and ended up having a wonderful night.

It was a wonderful memory for the 2008 Christmas Tree!!!

(This blog was edited fully by me, and only me. It is to stop the drama for my love)


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Sounds awesome!

margelina said...

*Sigh* I will yell at anyone for throwing a bottle in the trash can, but I, too, have to have a real tree. There just is no substitute. I plant a tree to replace it each year, and recycle our old tree back into the woods behind our house.
What an amazing and comical day. Your pictures are beautiful and do wonders for my wanderlust. The quiet beauty lifts my spirit. Thanks for sharing these.