Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Shipping Day! Dec 18

I have about 15 presents under the tree right now, Yes… only 15.

However… I get paid on Thursday. Wanna know why I am happy about Thursday?

Thursday, December 18 is Free Shipping Day, a day when many merchants give free shipping to online shoppers with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. This is the date for people like me! Yes… I’m slow… every year I am slow on getting presents… I have a list, it’s in my purse, and it has what EVERYONE is getting for the holidays. Now, if I can order it from work, and have it delivered to my house by the 24th… then I just have to wrap while sipping hot cocoa and talking to Dave on the phone… I’m a lucky girl!

Participating online retailers include JCPenney, The Body Shop, Crate & Barrel, eBags, World Market, Dri-Duck and many more.

With Free Shipping Day we can change the way shoppers think and how they shop. By having a SPECIAL day as late as December 18 where shoppers can order online from hundreds of stores that guarantee delivery by Christmas, shoppers will feel confident shopping online later into December.

I have video games, clothes, toys, etc to buy! I need this day… Now, I just need more time to assemble everything :)


Tracee said...

Man you've got a lot of daughters.

margelina said...

You can also use www.retailmenot.com and type in the online reatiler and get a list of coupon codes for free shipping and percentages off...I never complete and order without checking this first!!